How It Works

  • Tap To Book Just pick up your phone, open the app, and put in where you want to go. The app will get you a driver in no time.
  • Get Driver Details Once your ride request is accepted, the app automatically informs you of all the details of the driver, including the make and model of their car.
  • Track And Guide Take a look at the route the driver is taking to reach you. Trace his exact location and guide him if necessary.
  • Hop In And Ride On Once the driver reaches you, just hop in and enjoy the ride. The app will calculate the fare and give you an invoice at the end of the trip.

100% Security & Safety

Our drivers are licensed, insured, and fully trained.  What this means for you is that every time you take a ride with us you can be assured of 100% security & 100% safety. We understand that your safety is the biggest concern and we take it very seriously. By providing you with a safe way to travel, we make sure that you can trust us for your trip as much as possible.

Calculate A Trip

Our drivers are pure, safe professionals. Their goal is to make certain that our customers enjoy a safe and reliable ride. Our app also provides a perfect fare estimate to the customers depending on the distance that they have to travel.

Place A Call & Book A Ride

Concerned that you don't have a smartphone or you're not accustomed to using a mobile app?  Please, don’t be! We will be happy to assist you through this process! Simply place a call to us and get a ride for you.


Get The App Today


Want to give our ride-share service a try?  It would be our pleasure to serve you!  To start, download this unique app today, register yourself, enter your destination, and click the "Request Now" button to enjoy a ride with us.  Our mobile apps are available on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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