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Time To Rediscover The Midsouth Has Arrived!

We've all made it through the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic.   Even with all of the lockdowns and mask requirements, it has been impossible to pin us down.  No virus can force us indoors forever. Emerging from the shadows of this pandemic, the time to move on has finally arrived. With this majestic app, a click on your smart phone will help you go out and about instantly. Hire the safest taxis and book rides with options on vehicle types, budgets and more to ride back in style!

Hello Midsouth!

Are you looking for a safe, ride-sharing alternative to the national brands? 
Riders, are you looking for a company that you can call and talk with regarding your ride-sharing needs? 
Drivers, are you looking for a company you can partner with that is local and available to help you grow your ride-share driving revenue?  Looking for a consistent and transparent payment percentage and process?

Then look no further.  Amera Safe Drive is your answer. 
We’re a new local ride-sharing service offering safe, affordable rides in the Midsouth.  Local means you can reach us when you need us.  We have mobile apps for your Apple and Android phones.  You can call us to order and set up a ride.   
Interested?  Give us a chance to show you what makes us different. 

Experience the safe and local difference with Amera Safe Drive! 

What Makes Us Different

Amera Safe Drive offers unique features like Rent A Ride, Booking by Phone, Booking for Someone Else with Easy Payments, and many more.

Easy Payment

We make it easy for you to pay for your rides with us.  Enter your credit card information on the safe and secure form in the app.  Then, whenever you are ready to order and pay for a ride, we can use the credit card you have on file.  

Real-Time Tracking

We understand the frustration you feel when you have to wait indefinitely for a ride. To alleviate this, we have our real-time tracking feature, so you can keep track of the whereabouts and exact time of arrival of the ride. Accordingly, you can call or message the Driver.

How To Use The Amera Safe Drive App

Amera Safe Drive's apps are extremely easy to use as well as operate. You can book a ride using our mobile apps, on our website, or simply by calling us. This is how our ride-share services work:

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